The Alliaceae family consists primarily of herbaceous monocotperennial plants. These belong to the orderof Asparagales.
In the beginning, and by some botanist even today, the plants in this family have often been classified in theLiliaceaefamily.Lately, has been accepted the view thatAlliaceae is actually a subfamily of the Amaryllidaceae under the clade monocots. They are considered to be closely connected with two other families in the order ofAsparagales— theAmaryllidaceaefamily and theAgapanthaceaefamily.
TheAlliumgenus— onion is one of the most numerous genera of plants that incorporate around 1,250 plant species.The genus includes some economically important plants used as food among which onion (Allium cepa L.), garlic (A. sativum L.), leek (A. porrumm L.) and Siberian onion (A. schoenoprasum Regel & Tiling).