The Aloaceae family includes 7 genera and approximately 450 species of succulent plants.The region of Central and South Africa is characterized by the greatest diversity of representatives of this family of plants.
The genus within the family richest in species is the Aloe genus (Aloe).It includes around 180 species distributed mostly throughout South Africa.They are perennial herbaceous, rarely dendriform, tropical and subtropical plants.The representatives are distinguished by thick and juicy leaves from which bitter resin is drawn.The thickened juice of the leaves is also used.The contained in itglycoside sybstancestend to irritate the organs of the pelvis. The juice from the fresh leaves is used to boost the healing of burns caused by X-ray radiation etc.It has strong antimicrobial properties.Aloe has wide application in medicine, and it is used also for the production of fiber and rough fabrics. Some species are decorative.