The species within this family are evergreen or deciduous trees and shrubs.The leaves are simple or complex.The flowers are unisexual or bisexual, the calyxes are 3-5 lobbed, the petals are free, the stamens are 5 or10in number.The fruit is a drupe or a nut. The plants are pollinated by wind or insects. They propagate via seeds or shoots.
In this country, the species that are naturally dispersed arePistacia terebinthus L., smoke tree (Cotinus coggygria Scop.), Rhus typhina L.and other. Some of the alien species of the family are grown as ornamental plants in parks and forest parks.Most of them contain large quantities oftanning extracts, while some are extremely poisonous.
The species of the Anacardiaceaefamily are widelyspread in the tropical climate regions of the world.The prevailing part of the species comes from America, Africa and India.