To the Grossulariaceaefamilybelong approximately 150 species of plants distributed throughout the world. Most genera, except for the Ribesgenius, originated primarily or almost completely in the territory of the South hemisphere. The leaves are alternate simple without stipules. The flowers are regular, bisexual and in cluster inflorescences. The fruit is a berry.
In Bulgaria the Grossulariaceae family includes gooseberry and currant. These are shrubs with or without thorns belonging to the Ribesgenus. The leaves are palmate. The flowers are gathered in racemes or in groups usually at the end of the branches.The sepals are usually 5 andprotect the ovary.The number of stamens is usually also 5.The fruits are edible berries.
The Iridaceaefamilyconsists of 80 genera, and 1,800 species. The members of the familyare widely spread. It includes primarily perennial herbaceous plants, rarely semi-shrubs. Its members have a root system, rarely a tuber-bulb or bulb. The leaves are sword-shaped or linear. The flowers are regular or irregular, large, rich in nectar, solitary or gathered in ear-shaped inflorescences. The perianth is formed by 6 petals.The seed-vessel is syncarpious formed of 3 stipules, with an inferior ovary. The fruit is capsule