The Magnoliaceaefamily consists of angiosperm plants.It includes around 225 species of trees and shrubs divided in 7 genera that are distributed in the Eastern part of North America, Mexico, Central America, the Antilles, the tropical regions of South America, South and East India, Southeast and East Asia.
Their leavesare alternately arranged, falling or evergreen.In contrast to most angiosperm where the parts of the flowers are arranged in rings, with the magnolias the stamens and the seed-vesselsare spirally arranged.In many species the sepals and petals are not clearly defined. The flowers are bisexual with elongated flower bottoms on which lie the multiple seed-vessels. The seeds are large with fleshy lining and red to orange in color.Most species are pollinated by beetles and bees, and the seeds are spread by birds.
The Magnoliaceaeare not of a great economic significance. Many species are used as ornamental trees and shrubs, and some tree species render high quality timber.