The Myrsinaceaefamily contains plants of theEricalesorder. It includes35 genera and around1,000 species of plants. The species are widely spread from the temperate to the tropical climatic regions reaching the northern parts of Europe, to Japan, Mexico, Florida and New Zealand, South America and South Africa.
The Myrsinaceaeare primarily trees and shrubs, a small portion of them are lianas and herbaceous plants. The leavesare simple without stipules. The plantsare mostly monoecious, but there are also dioecious ones.The flowers are arranged in cluster racemes or in the bosoms of the leaves with four or five sepals and petals.There are four or five stamens usually with a perianth.
Some of the more prominent members of the familyare theCyclamenL., Lysimachia L., Embelia Burm. f. and etc.