The Pandanaceaefamily includes 4 genera and more than900 species of trees and shrubs spread in the tropical and subtropical regions. It is thought they originated in West Africa. The members often are wrongly called palms because of their outer likenesses with the Palmaceae family.
The Pandanaceaeare rapidly growing plants with well shaped stems and linear sword-like leavesand aerial roots.The Pandanaceaeare dioecious plants (male and female plants develop separately).
One of the genera, the Pandanus Parkinsongenus, with over 600 species,has its origins in tropical Africa, Asia andAustralia.It develops primarily along the sea shores and grows to impressive dimensions developing a powerful rhizome system and bright fruits. The leaves are narrow, linear, some have thorny edges and are notable with the precise spiral way in which they are arranged around the stem.This is the reason in some countries in the world it is called ‘corkscrew alder’.They develop aerial roots that reach to the soil.