The Passifloraceae are afamily of flowering plantsthat includes 27 genera andapproximately 350 species. Its members are trees, shrubs, lianas and climbing plants spread primarily in the tropical region of the world.
The Passifloragenus originated in North America,South America andAustralia.The genus includes more than 500 species of climbing thermophilic plantsthat blossom in yellow,blue, red and many other colors.Passiflora also goes by the name of ‘flower of passion’ and many others. The name comes from the Spanish word ‘passion’ – ‘passion flower’, the name given to it by the missionaries in the honor of the Passion of Christ.Every part of the plant is derived from the last days of Christ.The spread fingers of the leaves –named after the Holy Cross, the ten petals and sepals – the true Apostles, the fibrous corolla of the flower– the thorny crown, the calyx-shaped seed-vessel – the Holy Grail and so forth.
In this country some Passiflora speciesare grown in the open. In the southern parts of Bulgaria it grows well and endures the mild winters.