The Primulaceaefamilyis represented by 28 genera andby approximately 1,000 species. It is spread globally primarily in the temperate latitudes in the Northern Hemisphere.The Primulaceaeareperennial or annual herbaceous plants. The leavesare opposite, alternate or gathered in a rosette, simple with uncut edges, often covered with glandular hairs.The flowersare regular, bisexual, withbracts, solitary or gathered in raceme inflorescences, umbel orpanicle. The sepalsare 5. The seed-vessel forms of 5 accrete stipules, with superior and inferior ovary most often unilocular. The fruit is a capsule containing numerous seeds.
The economic significance of the Primulaceaeresults from the fact that in the roots of the speciesof thefamilyaccumulate nutrients and essential oils, the plants are also widely used for ornamentalpurposes.