The Strelitziaceae are afamily of monocot flowering plants. The Strelitziaceae are similar in appearance with the members of the family Musaceae f (Musaceae).In some classifications the Strelitziaceaegenera are included in the Musaceae family, but as a whole they are recognized as a separate family in theAPG II system (for classification of angiospermplants).
The Strelitziaceae include three genera spread in thetropical and subtropical regions:the Strelitzia Ait.genus with 5 species inSouth Africa; theRavenala Sonneratgenuswith one species on the island of Madagascar, and thePhenakospermum (A.Rich.) Endl. ex Miq.genuswith one species in the northern part of South America. The most famous species is the Bird of Paradise(Strelitzia reginae Aiton) grown worldwide for its exotic flowers.