Brasiliorchis picta (Hook.) R.B.Singer, S.Koehler & Carnevali

Garden: Sofia
Season: Winter

Maxillaria picta is a sympodial epiphyte orchid species, native to Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina. It produces rounded pseudobulbs that are 2-3 cm in diameter. On top of each pseudobulb the orchid usually produces 2 leaves that are 15-20 cm in length and about 2-3 cm in width. Blooms are about 3-4 cm across and stay close to the pseudobulbs. The petals are a golden yellow color, while the lip is buttery white color with dark red dots and have a tendency to curl forward. The flowers are fragrant with a quite strong scent especially in bright days. Each spike can take up to 3 weeks to bloom and individual flowers can last for 3-4 weeks.