Cattlianthe (Lc.) 'Rojo' (Guarianthe aurantiaca x Cattleya milleri)

Garden: Sofia
Season: Winter

The Cattlianthe 'Rojo' is an orchid hybrid, a cross between Guarianthe aurantiaca and Cattleya milleri. This hybrid is a medium sized Cattleya orchid which can produce clusters of red-orange flowers. Blooms are small, measuring about 4-5 cm across. However this orchid is a cluster bloomer, this means it can produce up to 6-8 flowers per inflorescence. The color is a very attractive fiery red, making this orchid very desirable, as red flowered orchids are not a very common occurrence. The lip has a yellow orange coloration that creates a great contrast with the red petals.

This orchid is in bloom now and can be seen in the tropical greenhouse in UBG Sofia.