Solidago canadensis L.

Garden: Balchik
Season: Summer

Solidago canadensis is a species in the family of the Asteraceae. The perennials reach heights of 30 to 150 centimetres. Solidago canadensis produces panicles of yellow many-stellate flowers from August to October.
Solidago canadensis is native to eastern Canada, the Rocky Mountains, the northern Prairie States of the US, the central Northeast of the US, the Northeast of the US and the Southwest of the US and is naturalized in the whole of Europe with the exception of the Apennine Peninsula and in the Balkan Peninsula.The perennials prefer a sunny situation on moderately moist soil. They prefer sandy-loamy or sandy clay soil with a pH between 4,8 and 7,5. The plants need a soil depth of at least 30 centimetres for good growth. They tolerate temperatures down to -40°C.
The blossoms have been chewed and the juice slowly swallowed to treat sore throats. A tea made from the flowers is used in the treatment of diarrhoea, body pains, fevers and snakebites.