About Us

ECOPARK (a different reading of the word Arboretum)


“Of course it was nice.
Both the bench and the recess were pleasant, and simply lured one to relax there:
either to ponder or watch the birdies,
or have a juice or something else...”

Astrid Lindgren


The University Botanic Garden in the city of Varna is the first Eco-park in this country and combines in itself both man-made and natural ecosystems. The park lies on an area of 36,0 ha. The Arboretum includes more than 300 species of exotic trees and shrubs, the grass plants it hosts are more than 100 species, and the collection of irises counts more than 250 varieties. It is truly a place where one gets acquainted with interesting plant and animal species, a place for walks and outdoor recreation. It symbolizes Nature the way we want to preserve it for the future.

In the garden you can see:

The irises collection – over 250 varieties along with other members of the Irises family

The Rosarium situated on an area of approximately an acre where there bloom and shed their aroma more than 70 varieties of decorative roses

The day-lily garden where every day open their perishable yet charming blossoms more than 25 varieties of hybrid and other types of day-lilies, as well as other representatives of the Lily family

Season expositions of:

Cactuses and succulents in the open

Botanical species from the Cucurbitacea family most of which are of African and Australian origin

Summer flowering species

Water areas with typical aquatic and hydrophilic plants along with representatives of the animal world

Exotic and little known trees and shrubs from around the world: maritime pines, holm oaks, tulip tree, European larch, meta-sequoia, redwood tree (Sequoiadendron giganteum), sterculia, iron tree, chestnuts and many other.

Archeological findings from the II-IV century AD discovered on the territory of the University Botanic


Roman Tomb

The Earthen Jars

Roman Villa

The Saint Kliment Ohridski Chapel erected in the highest part of the garden offers a wonderful view of the Varna Bay

The Botanic Bazaar is the place where you can buy plants for your home, seedlings of ornamental trees and shrubs grown in the greenhouses of the University Botanic Garden

The University Botanic Garden–Eco-Park of the city of Varna offers a venue for green schools, garden parties, weddings, family pick-nicks, barbecues, fun rides in horse carriages, horse riding lessons.