About Us

The garden is open for visitors from Wednesday to Sunday.

The University Botanic garden - Sofia was founded in 1892 by the first professor in botany Dr. Stefan Georgiev. On the inauguration day Bulgarian King Ferdinand I planted an oak (Quercus robur L.) lying a golden coin in its roots. Today the oak tree with its powerful trunk and crown gives cool shade reminding the vast oak forests covering Sofia region in the past.

At the Botanic Garden Sofia you can see:

Greenhouses: revealing the beauty and unique diversity of tropical species of orchids, bromeliads, aroids, as well as collections of palms, cycads, cacti and other suculents, ferns, bulbous plants and many tree and shrub species

Mediterranean garden: represents typical subtropical plants, including different citruses, olive, myrtle, bay laurel, etc.

Rose garden: a display of more than forty varieties of roses.

Rock garden: represents the flora of rocky mountain habitats

Water garden: water and wetland plants - water lilies, water hyacinth, floating watermoss, ferns, cattail, sedges, etc.

A ‘Kitchen garden’ was designed to represent a miniature country house with a vegetable garden. There are herb and flower beds.
Children can observe and grow fruits and vegetables that their parents buy from supermarkets.

Information and shopping center offers information about the garden activities, guided tours as well as exotic bouquets, plants, seeds, seedlings of different plant varieties.